Consultative meeting related to the necessity of developing new strategic framework for child rights implementation in the Republic of Serbia

Implementation: December 2013

The Child Rights Centre organised and realised a consultative meeting in cooperation and with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia

Child Rights Centre has launched an initiative on the necessity of developing a new strategic framework for the realisation of child rights bearing in mind that the existing National Plan of Action for Children will be outdated in 2015, and it is necessary to draft a new strategic framework that will be in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, that will comprehensively and clearly define policy of the Republic of Serbia towards children. To consider the steps necessary to prepare future strategy document the Child Rights Centre organised a joint consultative meeting with representatives of relevant ministries, institutions, professionals, and organisations relevant to the field of child rights. The meeting discussed issues related to the shape of the future strategic document, the holder of the document preparation, methodology by which the document would be prepared, interest of the stakeholders to participate in the preparation of the document and the inclusion of children and parents/guardians in the process of preparing the document.

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