Ahead of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, Child Rights Centre and NGO Atina published a video “Between Dreams and Reality”


“We all have dreams. We dream of a better life. We want someone to love us, to be happy and successful.

We all have problems, nicks and scratches we get through life. Unfortunately, some people know how to recognize them and use them against us. They approach us, present themselves as persons who can help us make our dreams come true, or heal our wounds. And while we think they are helping us, they crawl under our skin like a sliver.”

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Bearing in mind that human trafficking is one of the most severe and complex forms of violence, which has devastating consequences for the emotional and social development of children, the Child Rights Centre and NGO Atina created a video “Between Dreams and Reality” to raise awareness among children and youth, but also to provide information on the phenomenon of human trafficking, identification, causes and risks, as well as available support. “Awareness Raising Campaign on Trafficking in Children in the Republic of Serbia”, which is implemented with the financial support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, within the joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019- 2022”.

The video answers questions about what human trafficking is, who can be a trafficker, where human trafficking takes place, how to recognize it, who is at the highest risk, and whom to turn to for help. The video was made by children from the DX Club within the Child Rights Centre, who have, after educational workshops on prevention and protection of children from human trafficking, actively participated in making the script in order to bring the topic of child trafficking closer to their peers.

In June 2021 alone, the video was presented in 4 elementary schools in Serbia (“France Prešern” in Belgrade, “Stefan Nemanja” in Novi Pazar, “Ivan Goran Kovačić” in Subotica, and “9. oktobar” in Prokuplje), as well as “Druga ekonomska škola“ in Belgrade. A total of 78 children (40 boys and 38 girls) attended the video presentation, which was a cause to develop a discussion among them.

During August 2021, an informative online platform for children will be created, which will contain important information on forms of human trafficking and on how children can recognize the risks and whom they can turn to for support in case of need.

“A victim is first and foremost a person, like you, like me, or any of us. That is why it is not only important to educate ourselves on how we can achieve a better life for us or for our loved ones, but it is also very important to recognize whether someone needs help. Because there is always a way out.”

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