Committee on the Rights of the Child has sent List of issues in relation to the second and third periodic reports of the Republic of Serbia


In relation to the Second and third periodic report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Serbia, The Committee on the Rights of the Child has sent a list of questions to the Republic of Serbia. Among others, the list of additional questions also addressed the issues raised in the Alternative periodic report prepared by the Coalition for monitoring child rights in Serbia, as well as those to which the representatives of the Coalition pointed out at the preparatory session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. At this point we accent issues related to:

  • a clear definition of the term of the child
  • coordination of cross-sectoral cooperation and the current status of the Council for Child Rights of the Republic of Serbia;
  • future plans to formulate state policies towards children as the National Action Plan expired in 2015;
  • what measures the Republic of Serbia is taking to ban corporal punishment in all settings, and whether the Draft Civil Code and Amendments to the Family Law contain provisions explicitly prohibiting corporal punishment in all settings including the family;
  • measures taken by the Republic of Serbia to act upon the recommendation of the Committee concerning the amendments to the Criminal Code in the direction of differentiation of sale of children from child trafficking.

Deadline of Serbia to deliver written additional information to the Committee is 15 October 2016.