It is with great regret that we say goodbye to our dear colleague Viktorija Cucić, professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, retired.

During her career, for decades, Professor Cucić was involved in the treatment of persons infected with the AIDS, but also in the fight against their stigmatization. She was a guest lecturer at several world universities, including many years of cooperation with London’s Imperial College and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kuwait, as well as the organizer of numerous professional trainings, seminars and workshops.

Professor Cucić was a devoted friend and collaborator, as well as the president of the Management Board of the Child Rights Centre. In the field of children’s rights, she advocated for the improvement of  rights of children in health, especially in relation to the right to health and health care, the right to information, the right to opinion and participation in decision-making, the right to protection of privacy and dignity, and the right to protection from all forms of violence against children. She took part in numerous researches and studies in this field, in capacity building of health workers and associates who work with children, as well as in informing children and their parents and caregivers about their rights. Professor Victoria will be remembered for her bright and positive spirit, sense of humor, courage and great commitment to the advancement of children’s rights.