Stop Violence Against Children


The Child Rights Center strongly condemns the sexual harassment and violence against girls that took place at the Petnica Research Station, and calls on the competent authorities to react urgently, in accordance with their powers, to hold the responsible persons accountable.

It is worrying that this act took place in one of the prestigious European institutions for additional scientific education of young people. The shameful excuses by former director Vigor Majic, excusing his colleague’s behaviour because he is a “difficult, suicidal man”, suggests that violence against girls has been continuously covered up and denied.

Increasingly frequent reports of sexual violence against children in our society indicate the need to take urgent institutional measures to prevent such cases in the future, to encourage victims to report cases of violence, and to feel protected and safe in proceedings. In order to obtain that, the Law on the Rights of the Child should be adopted urgently, and the establishment of the Institution of the Protector of the Rights of the Child should begin. This would enable early intervention, more efficient work of judicial bodies and implementation of child-friendly procedures.

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