DX Club


Children’s Information and Cultural Centre – DX Club, founded in 1997 as part of the Child Rights Centre, gathers children and youth 12-18 years old.

DX Club is a place where children and youth can obtain information on their rights in the language understandable to them. And, if they are interested, they can also join the DX Club’s activities such as workshops, forums, public actions and self-advocacy actions.

Members of the DX Club create and organise their activities with the support of the DX Club’s coordinator. Once they complete the training on children’s rights, they can pass on the acquired knowledge to their peers. Over 4,000 children participated in the peer education sessions conducted by the Club members. They can also organise public actions, short information videos shooting and many other events in order to encourage their peers to advocate for the exercise of their own rights.

More than 400 members of the DX Club have so far participated in the activities created and initiated by themselves and supported by the Child Rights Centre with the aim of improving the position of children and youth in the Republic of Serbia.

In cooperation with relevant institutions and international organisations, the activities are conducted at the local, national and international levels.

Some members of the DX Club were also the members of the Eurochild Children’s Council from Brussels and the current member is Una Ljiljak. In addition, the DX Club members have the opportunity to participate in various international meetings and forums in the field of child rights.

The DX Club members have participated in the activities such as reporting on the exercise of the child rights in Serbia, creation of “child friendly“ publication – written in the language understandable to children and numerous activities aimed at making their voice heard and opinion respected. The members also collected the opinions of children in Serbia for the new National Action Plan for Children, and participated in preparing the reports on the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention in Serbia sent to the Council of Europe‘s Lanzarote Committee and on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child sent to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Through learning about different cultures, their own exhibitions, documentaries and other activities, the members of the DX Club inform their peers and the general public about the rights of the child guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Lanzarote Convention, but also the most important mechanisms for the protection of children’s rights available in Serbia and the world.

How to become a member of DX Club?

Membership of the Children’s Information and Cultural Service – DX Club is open for all children and youth up to 18 year of age.



You can follow the activities of the Children’s Information and Cultural Service – DX Club on:

The activities of the DX Club have been supported by numerous donors. The current donors are: Save the Children International, the Council of Europe and the European Union through the programme “Rights, Equality and Citizenship”.

The previous donors: UNICEF, the German Agency for International Cooperation – GIZ, the Open Society Foundation, Pestalozzi Foundation, Save the Children (Sweden, Norway, UK), CIDA and the European Scout Office.