Participation of the DX in creating the “List of harmful work for children” prepared by the ILO office in Serbia


On 29 September 2016, due to the ongoing development of the “List of harmful work for children,” the DX members had the opportunity to listen to a lecture gave by professor of Medicine School Petar Bulat and Milica Djordjevic from the International Labour Organisation’s Office in Serbia, who explained what kind of work and jobs are harmful for children.
At the workshop, together with the members of the Panel of young advisors of the Ombudsman, they gave their comments and suggestions for amendment to the List.

After the workshop, which was held at the Child Rights Centre’s premises, the members of the DX participated in the round table held on 7 November 2016 in Belgrade. At the round table, members of the DX shared their impressions and conclusions from the workshop to the working group of the ILO, which creates a “List of harmful work for children.”

In relation to the participation of children from DX, Milica Đorđević from the International Labour Organisation, said: “It is very important to involve children and young people in the process of making the List of harmful work for children, given that their views and comments may contribute a lot to improving the List. I believe that we achieved great success by involving children and that this is an example of good practice, and that children will continue to be asked when decisions about themselves are made.”