DX Club Representatives at 13th European Forum on the Rights of the Child Organized by the European Commission


“The change comes from each one of us. Children won’t only inherit the future, they will create the future” ➡️ Una, a representative of the DX Club, at the Child Rights Centre, and a member of the Eurochild Children’s Council.

Representatives of the DX Club participated in the 13th European Forum on the Rights of the Child, which was held online in the organization of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice, from September 29 to October 1, 2020. The Forum is a platform for dialogue between the institutions of the European Union and other stakeholder working in the field of the rights of the child.

The main topic of this year’s three-day Forum with children participating for the first time, was the European Strategy on the Rights of the Child and why we need it and what it should include. In addition to children and young people, the Forum was attended by representatives of governments, international and non-governmental organizations, EU institutions, international agencies, ombudspersons for children and academics.

In addition to various sessions dedicated to the Strategy on the Rights of the Child, participation of children in political and democratic life in the European Union, but also to the rights of the child in the new situation caused by COVID-19, the representatives of the DX Club had an opportunity during the three days of the Forum to actively participate in the workshop work during which the topics of protection of children from violence, inclusion in education and society, as well as justice tailored to the child were discussed.

On the final day of the Forum, Una Ljiljak, a member of the DX Club at the Child Rights Centre and a member of the Eurochild‘s Children Council, addressed the participants and summed up the conclusion of children and the youth who had participated at the Forum. On that occasion, Una pointed out that we need an inclusive strategy that provides support to children in vulnerable situations and promotes and supports the right of a child to participate in a decision-making process. Una also highlighted the necessity to normalize the child participation in a decision-making process.

“All adults were children once too and we hope you can support and encourage us by being patient with us at events like this. We need support and understanding from adults to help us express our thoughts and opinions, because that’s not always easy for us.”➡️Una pointed out.

See: Una Ljiljak’s Closing Speech at 13th European Forum on the Rights of the Child

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