The first two workshops were held at the Institute for Child and Youth Education in Belgrade


The first two workshops dedicated to introducing and developing psychological resilience in children were successfully conducted as part of the project “Supporting the Wellbeing of Children and Youth and Education on Child Rights,” with financial support from the International Women’s Club (IWC) donor. The aim of the workshops was to improve the mental health of children residing at the Institute for Child and Youth in Belgrade. The workshops were facilitated by a peer educator and a member of the DX Club at CPD, Olga Dević, under the supervision of psychologist Tamara Tomašević.

The children showed great interest and actively participated in the workshops. Through various activities, we explored the connections between hobbies, emotions, and life satisfaction. The activity “My Ideal Day” was particularly interesting, where the children mapped out activities that would make them happy. We discussed how certain activities affect our mood.

We also discussed the support that children can receive from adults. The children shared their opinions on the importance of support for their development and identified skills they would like to develop in order to feel more secure in providing support to others.

The children were engaged and expressed satisfaction during the workshops. They expressed a desire for similar activities to continue and for discussions on real-life topics. Based on their exchanges and uncomfortable situations (stressors) they had experienced, the children expressed a wish to learn how to respond in situations where it is necessary to provide first aid. They recognized the skills they possess but also those they lack in order to feel more confident in providing support.